Acacous terrace covering


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Have a cozy, time-proven and beautiful terrace covering – made of acacia wood!

Would you like to renovate your home and create a homely, relaxing environment with the wonderful atmosphere of acacia?

Acacia wood is a perfect choice in all respects, as it not only brings the beauty of nature into our home, but also its excellent durability and price is more favorable than other cladding techniques!

We make our outdoor terrace coverings from the best quality acacia wood. The wood with extraordinary properties, together with our decades of expertise, has resulted in an excellent terrace system that stands out in the market in terms of both aesthetics and durability – so you do not have to worry about the finished terrace slipping, bending or even being completely destroyed.

Why do we recommend acacia raw material for outdoor use, as a terrace covering, decking?

Durability of acacia wood for outdoor decking – compared to other types of wood.

Many may wonder why acacia wood would be the ideal choice for outdoor terrace decking.

Primarily because it is extremely durable: acacia contains natural chemical compounds (tannins, robinetins) that are resistant to putrefactive fungi and insects, so – unlike most woods – it does not require chemical treatment. This ensures that the finished cladding will perfectly meet the needs of our customers for decades. Extremely abrasion-resistant, hard wood withstands the ordeals of extreme weather (ultraviolet load, temperature and precipitation fluctuations). Ordinary European woods are less tolerant of the weather of our country, while acacia takes stand. Therefore, it is no coincidence that only the acacia of the European varieties can be classified in the durability class 1-2. With the exception of acacia trees, only exotic wood found in the tropics has such resistance. But the price of these is usually much higher than of the acacia tree, which is also native to us.

Durability of acacia wood for outdoor patio coverings – as opposed to WPC coverings

The use of wood-plastic composite (called WPC) has recently become widespread. These cladding materials are typically created by mixing wood flour or bamboo chips and synthetic resins and plastics, and the end result is a completely homogeneous material that is easy to shape and color. The cover type owes its popularity to its customizability.

You can choose from countless types of WPC coverings on the market. Composite cladding elements become extremely hot due to the summer sun, making their use barefoot uncomfortable. The wood-plastic composite cover does not withstand continuous UV radiation, ages quickly and becomes brittle in a sunny, uncovered place; furthermore, WPC coverings are not renewable. Their reuse is also problematic, as they are considered hazardous waste due to their high plastic content, and their incineration is strictly prohibited.

By contrast, acacia is renewable; its durability even in sunlight is 45-100 years, not to mention its aesthetic appearance.

Narrow decking of acacia wood

A good decking must withstand the constant load of sun and rain, withstand temperature fluctuations and physical strain. The best example of the coexistence of these factors is the deck of sailboats and yachts. On these surfaces, we find only narrow planks of wood. Depending on the changes in temperature and humidity, the wood increases or contracts, sometimes it cracks and causes syncline and warpage over time due to the internal stresses in the wood. When assembling the wood cladding from narrower pieces, these effects can be largely avoided. In darker, more protected areas, naturally, a wide decking can also be used. In all cases, our company examines the environmental conditions and offers you the most suitable decking!

The use of acacia is an environmentally friendly solution

In contrast to wood from some exotic countries, acacia processing is also ecologically contractable. The White Acacia grows very quickly and the felled, processed trees are replanted.

WPC coatings are also most often sourced from abroad, so a lot of waste is generated during their use. The raw material, which also contains plastic, cannot be reused in any way.

On request, we also deliver our products with FSC certification!

Flexible use

Exotes arrive in our country in a given length, while the use of acacia is flexible, we produce first-class terrace boards up to a length of 6 meters in many widths. The fastening technology with acid-resistant tabs significantly extends the life of the cover plate and is extremely beautiful as there are no visible screw tips (which are considered water traps) on the finished surface.

The finished terrace covering does not require chemical protection, but it appreciates the care, so we treat our terrace boards in 2 layers with quality wood care oil before transport.

The decking includes not only the decking, but also the bolster, fasteners, shipping and wage. That is why we recommend you to make a calculation or ask for our personalized price offer!